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Swimming Pool Renovations

Customized to Your Preferences

Over time, your swimming pool’s surface may become cracked, chipped or stained. Our swimming pool plastering and pool resurfacing services will bring your pool back to life.

A beautiful new surface, smooth and free of defects, will bring beauty and elegance back to your swimming pool.

If you are looking to have your pool’s surface re-plastered, keep in mind that there are many colors and textures available. You can always update your pool plaster to a new color to really let your pool and backyard shine.​

Coping Removal and Replacement:

Existing pool coping is removed , and a clean surface is prepared for the application of new coping or cantilever decking. There are many coping options to choose from to match your project design

Tile Removal and Replacement:

Existing waterline tile is completely removed and the surface is then prepared for installation of new tile.

Pool Plaster and Pebble Interior Finishes:

Ultra high pressure water blasting is performed in order to ensure a clean, rough bondable surface for plaster application New surface application is hand troweled to complete the resurfacing process (materials include: standard marcite plaster, river rok and pebble finishes) On completion of plaster, pool is filled immediately to aid in the curing process

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